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giovedì 9 dicembre 2010

It's a phenomena I've never understood fully...
I just tried to dive into it and I have to say it's so vast you can't really catch it.
I'm just talking about the fashion of melancholic and teenage-mood blogs.
I googled a photographered and I was pushed forward this crazy, weird world of girls which post and reblog stuff without quoting the author but just the blog-source.
It has no inspirational meaning (artistically, I mean)... It is just a sample, a collection of images which are layered one on the other to show the tenderness and the joy (and the pains, as well) of being young and cool.
Well, I downloaded some frames from one of them which is kind of interesting and inspiring, whithout being too pretentious (but being VERY emotional and fragile).
I matched the "sentence-picture" (statements which are pictured, rather then written... something between graffiti and photography, I'd say, or also postcards of digital thoughts) and red-haired young and fluffy creatures which are copies of elfs and fairies...

try to enjoy.

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