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lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Some time ago, I entered Documentary Platform, an extraordinary archive for young reporters and photojournalists. The "platform" offers striking sneak peeks from the portfolios of italian photographers focused on political subjects and social issues. People committed to denounce injustice situations, unfair and borderline lives, or even group think and behaviours which finally become dangerously neurotic and obsessive. And here in Italy there are so many stories to tell. The problem is how and why to tell them. Here above I uploaded some shoots by Roberto Apa, portraiting the entrance ways of some italians block of flats, where most of the italian middle class lives. The images are extremely cleaned, looking like operating rooms of daily routines. Yet, these are border areas, between public and private: they are a collective space, but at the same time they're no man's lands where neighbours try to walk through as faster as possible, leaving no footprints behind, no smell, no clues of their intimacy. More from Roberto's work on FrizziFrizzi by Simone Sbarbati, on 7am interviews.

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