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giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Some years ago, I found a card at the Helmut Newton Foundation's bookshop in Berlin which immediately captured my attention. The image was a daily still life: a simple shoot of an everyday interior, that spoke about simplicity, a certain homely feeling stained with loneliness and melancholy.
The image was (and I found it out just after twisting the card on its back) by Wolfgang Tillmans. That genius of Wolfgang Tillmans.
And yes, indeed, I'd known him for a long time, even without knowing he was "him". As teenager I used to leaf through the pages of my parents' copies of Abitare, where Tillmans had been published with his guys on trees images: pure shabby beauty for the eyes. And I had already fallen in love.

The image is of course  Lutz & Alex, climbing tree (1992)

Those two weirdos of Lux and Alex.

Fifteen years forward, I have to admit I totally prefere the subtle sickness of his still lifes: little details suggest some decadence in action: something broke and is actually ruining everything. A peach with a bit of mould, a little bit of dust covering the window panes, some leftovers of peeled off orange skin resting on the table. Something's over and something else is evolving.


And, in the end two other dear portraits of Chloe and Kate.

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